The Greening of America: Hispanic Environmental Advocates Take the Lead

The Greening of AmericaMy feature article in the Fall 2009 issue of Hispanic MBA Magazine has been published! It was distributed at the National Society of Hispanic MBAs conference in Minneapolis in October. It generated lots of buzz about the innovators, innovations, organizations featured in the article.

Action is underway to publish a book featuring the professionals featured in this piece.  Please send an email to me at if:

  • You are (or know) someone that I could interview for the book (must be directly involved in creating, launching, funding or using real innovations in the new green economy)
  • You want to keep up on the progress towards the book deal
  • You want me to speak to your organization about the fascinating people and compelling innovations featured in the article.

Thanks for your interest in this topic, the article and the book-to-be.


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