Branding Yourself

Last week, I presented a personal branding workshop to the members of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs San Jose and San Francisco chapters. The attendees were very engaged in the self-exploratory activities I offered and they all walked away with both their Unique Value Propositions drafted and their “brag bites”  (thanks to Peggy Klaus!) written down too.  More importantly, several of the audience members took me up on the chance to stand up in front of the group and introduce themselves using their new branding. We heard not boring, make-me-yawn introductions at that point–instead we heard authentic, memorable, differentiated words told in a story-like, conversational way. The slides are available here–just click the NSHMBA logo to get the pdf. If you, your employee affinity group, marketing staff or any other professional association needs to create or update your personal, product or corporate branding, please let me know.

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  1. Val Sanchez says:

    Hello Graciela,

    I attended the personal branding workshop hosted by NSHMB at Cisco in San Jose. I was reviewing my notes and your handouts which led me to look on your site for the slides. The instructions are to click on the NSHMBA logo to get the pdf, but the slides are not pulling up.Please, could you kindly email me the pdf? I would like to refresh my memory with the information. Thank you!

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